Ochi de piele

„Over the years, Santini has successfully attracted an avant-garde clientele who share his love for fashion and modern art. Most of the styles appear simple on first glance; though the connoisseur’s eye will then notice linear and geometric forms. Every style is offered and displayed in a full range of colors, from gray shades through every hue of the rainbow. Most cherished, the designs succeed without sacrificing comfort—think Prada Sport meets The Centre Pompidou.”

Such as this tote bag from Alice collection: tote with perforated body and solid blue straps and trim.  Features a small detachable pouch inside to conceal belongings.   Includes additional shoulder strap.


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One thought on “Ochi de piele

  1. Daniela on said:

    Eu sunt curioasa cand va veni momentul ca o „clienta” avant-gardista si foarte stylish, famous, vanata de paparazzi and all that stuff va pune mana odata pe o geanta Santini. Sa vezi atunci explozie si nebunie, who is Fausto Santini, unde a fost pana acum, vai vai vai….

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